Welcome to Camp To Belong – Wisconsin!

Camp to Belong–Wisconsin, Inc. (CTB-WI) is a member camp under the umbrella of Camp To Belong International. CTB-WI connects and reunites siblings involved with the child welfare system. This includes separated siblings regardless of what their particular living arrangements are (i.e. biological home, kinship providers, foster homes, adoptive homes, living independently). Our mission is for separated siblings to build and maintain connections through a variety of programs. The main program is a summer camp at which children placed in out-of-home care can be with their biological siblings to build shared memories and connections.

“I often find myself unable to express to others what camp is really like, as there is a depth to the experience that simply cannot be put into words. I therefore resort to saying something to the effect of “camp is an awesome, emotional, powerful experience that is simply magical.” Peter Katz says it this way in THE CAMP SONG: “How can I explain what I take away when the autumn falls and we go our separate ways… some things aren’t defined, some things they’re just right… it’s something you can’t touch but you can hold so dear.”

Camp To Belong gives each child this gift of experiencing this powerful, magical, undefined something that they can hold so dear… WITH THEIR SIBLINGS.”

– Co-Director Rob Bauer


Camp To Belong-Wisconsin, Inc. is a member camp of Camp To Belong International Association of Camps