Kate and Rob Bauer (Co-Directors of CTB-WI) met in 1998 volunteering at a camp in Wisconsin for children with juvenile arthritis (Camp MASH). For over 15 years Kate and Rob have volunteered at camps for children. Their experience of seeing the positive impact that attending camp has on the campers and volunteers has led them to commit to bringing CTB to Wisconsin. Kate and Rob have volunteered for Camp To Belong for twelve years. In August of 2013 they attended CTB-Colorado. Upon return home they immediately began working on the campers 7development of CTB-WI. In January of 2014 they identified Camp Anokijig in Plymouth as the host site. In September of 2014 the first Board of Directors meeting was held at Camp Anokijig.

Kate and Rob have built a cohesive and diverse Board of Directors who is passionate about reuniting siblings. Several Board Members are employed by the Department of Social Services and another is a State employee. Combined these Board Members have over a century of service in child welfare. Some Board Members have personal experience growing up in out-of-home care and a few have been adopted.  Other Board Members include foster parents, a Child Psychologist, and a Guardian ad Litem.

CTB-WI has been creating awareness of the importance of the sibling bond and maintaining relationships of children who have been separated through the foster care system throughout the state. Our priority is to connect brothers and sisters to help them create memories and build connections that will last a lifetime.


“I love you so much that I can’t express myself. When I spend time with you I wish it would never end. When we are apart I remember you always in my heart. Until we are together again I will never be whole. When I’m gone, I will miss you so much. I wish you always will love me. I wish you always will care for me. We have been through so much together that has pushed and pulled at our emotions, but we will come out on top”.

Tina (age 13)